Toddler Program
(18 months to 2 ½ years old)
  • Our Toddler teachers have designed a state approved curriculum specifically geared for the Toddler aged group.
  • Our Toddler program will continue to encourage your child to use their imagination and keep helping them to find their independence.
  • Our Toddler to caregiver ratio is 1 : 6 to ensure that your little curiosity seeker will remain capable of doing so.
  • Introduction to circle time will help to increase their social participation and communication skills.
  • Our classrooms have daily routines which help to give your child a sense of order.
  • Outdoor age appropriate activities will help to keep curious Toddlers learning and growing.
  • Self –help skills such as washing hands, sharing, and putting away toys are introduced to help promote social skills.
  • Our program utilizes the Procare app and each day you will receive a live stream of your child’s day.
  • Our classrooms are disinfected at least twice per day. We follow the State protocol to achieve this.